Graphic Illustrator (contract)

Graphic Illustrator (contract)

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We are Mental. We’re building the world’s first mental health app made for men. Men are struggling with their mental health and want help but many are not resonating with the current solutions. We are working to meet men where they are at and provide new ways to get them help they need. We have 4.9 stars in the app store and constant feedback of love from guys.

Mental was started by two founding team members at the world’s first mental health unicorn, Calm. Our CEO was also a Stanford PhD neuroscientist. Our team brings world-class expertise in mental health, mobile apps, machine learning, LLMs, and comedy.

Mental’s brand

  • Other mental health brands are soothing and spa-like (e.g., women sipping on steaming tea from under a blanket serenely looking out a window), calming (nature scenes), serious/clinical (medical or therapist office), lighthearted childish/cartoony (e.g., Headspace characters) and/or woo-woo (incense sticks).
  • Our goal - to build a brand that is fresh in this space. We want to disrupt what the pursuit of “mental health” feels like. It should not feel like anything above.
  • We are building a brand that is active and action oriented. It has a dash of discipline, bravado and toughness - something that is cool to guys. But it also isn’t all David Goggins. It is irreverent and humorous. It has components of Dollar Shave Club mixed together with a dash of Liquid Death. Our name is Mental (which also mean crazy) and we like to tell people, “it’s time to get mental!”
  • Currently, we have brand colors, fonts, logo, etc. See We are not looking to change this. However, we have almost no visual style beyond this.

Current project

  • We are building out an v2 app architecture. The home tab will have tiles for each of our 6 content areas (guided cold shower protocol with a master chief navy SEAL, guided pushup protocol with a 10x world heavyweight boxing champion, the Daily Deuce (humorous 2 min mindset shift), book journeys (summaries of books to walk you through how the greats would think about your problem), AI coaching (we even have voice-to-voice capabilities to talk to an AI therapist) and music (scienced backed tracks for sleep and focus).
  • We currently are using a variety of images in the app - sometimes ai generated (we have AI in the app), sometimes images of people, sometimes images of ice, etc.
  • We want to hire a graphic illustrator who can create visuals for all 6 of these content areas so that the home page feels consistent, visually less chaotic, and more intriguing. We want our brand to shine.
  • We would like the designer to build brand guidelines for when to use photos, when to use illustrations, etc.


  • You should get, like, and vibe with our brand as it is and have the capabilities to help us level it up from there.
  • You should be a rock star. We want someone with a lot of experience.
  • This is an opportunity to help define the appearance of a brand that can have a massive, positive cultural impact on society.


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